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 Relationship Program

Our Prepare/Enrich Relationship Program is designed to help prepare couples for marriage or enrich their existing relationships. It is a unique opportunity for couples who are committed to investing in their future together and fosters deep understanding and a stronger bond between partners.


This comprehensive Prepare/Enrich Relationship Program requires a serious commitment level, with 6-8 hours/sessions dedicated to covering all the material. This program can help you build a strong foundation for your relationship and enrich the love and connection between you and your partner.

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Are You Dating to Marry, Engaged, Newly Married,
Married, or Remarried?

 This program is for you!


Looking to gain insight and enrich your relationship with your partner or family?


Our Prepare/Enrich Relationship Program is here to help. Utilizing one of the most effective assessment tools available, we'll work together to identify the strengths and growth areas in your relationship. With the support of our experienced therapists and helpful tools, you can feel confident in developing a healthy, happy relationship.

With this customized program, you and your spouse will be given the tools to strengthen your relationship.

Looking for a structured program for Couples Therapy?

This is the program you ARE looking for!



Depending on your relationship status, not only will your assessment be customized but your sessions in the program will be as well. 

Intention is everything!


  • What are your intentions for your relationship?

  • Are there things that you haven't discussed?

  • Maybe you are concerned about having differences with your significant other?


Let's come together and work through these things. 



3 MUSTs for Couples Therapy

Mutual desire

Mutual intention

Mutual investment


What if you could ...
  • talk to your spouse without either of you becoming overwhelmed with emotion?

  • Come to resolutions together?

  • Better understand the expectations that your spouse has for the relationship?

How does this work?

This program requires couples to meet for an initial assessment. During so, the couple and therapist will determine how and when to implement the program. After the initial session(s), couples will gain access to the customized Prepare/Enrich assessment. It can take about 30 minutes to complete. Once complete, your therapist will gather the necessary reports and tools to begin in the next session. 

 The program consists of a package of 8-10 sessions to address and unpack growth areas of the Prepare/Enrich assessment, all while gaining the tools to enrich the relationship. If more sessions are needed after completing the program, we can make that happen as well!

Here's a look at what topics can be covered in
the program:

Communication skills
Conflict Resolution
Faith/Religion/Spiritual Beliefs
Relationship Roles
With the use of the Prepare/Enrich model, this program helps couples set the foundation of their relationship.
This program provides insight into the relationship, increases your awareness, reduces chances/ risks for divorce, & enhances your relationship skills.

Cultivate a Happier and Healthier Relationship Now!

How Much Does it Cost?

Additional Sessions

Completed the program?

These sessions are considered on-going couples therapy sessions. Maybe you are returning for a follow up session, maybe you are continuing therapy after the program. In either case additional sessions can occur after the program or instead of the program.

Sessions are offered at 60 minute and 90 minute intervals. 

60 minutes - $175

90 minutes - $200

 Learn more about on-going couples therapy and other therapy options by clicking the button.


I want the PREPARE/ENRICH Relationship Program!

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  • Are you accepting new clients?
    Accepting new clients onto the waitlist. The next step is to complete the consultation form. The consultation form is a required step prior to scheduling. Each partner is required to complete this form, as well as individuals. For family therapy, only one person needs to complete the consultation form.
  • Do you accept referrals?
    Therapists, psychiatrists, and any other health professional may make a referral by completing the referral form by clicking here.
  • What is the best way to get in contact and/or schedule?
    The consultation form is required of new and prospective clients. E-mail is the best way to get in contact and/or schedule at this time.
  • What states do you provide counseling/therapy in?
    Ohio only at this time. Virtual appointments are available for residents of Ohio in addition to in-person sessions. See location here.
  • Do you provide therapy to children?
    Individual therapy is provided to persons 18 and older. Family therapy is the service that would be provided when children are involved.
  • What's the turnaround time for follow up to inquiries?
    Returned calls and emails can take up to 3 days due to having limited availability.
  • What are your procedures for COVID-19?
    More information can be found here.
  • What questions should I ask my insurance?
    Do I have mental health insurance benefits? If in-network what is my co-payment for behavioral health? If out-of-network do you cover out-of-network providers? What is the coverage amount per therapy session? What is my deductible and has it been met? Do you reimburse for online counseling or Telehealth?
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    The consultation form is required of new and prospective clients. Once completed, availability will be provided via email. If it appears that it will not be a good fit, you will be referred to therapists that may be a better fit. Phone calls are limited due to the availability between sessions being limited.
  • Do you offer consultations?
    The Consultation form will need to be completed prior to requesting an appointment as a new client. Outside of normal session hours, availability for the 15 minute consultations is not always possible. Many of the questions in the FAQs are asked in addition to other information provided on the site, such as education, licensure, etc. during a consultation. Are you looking to learn if you and the therapist are a good fit? Are you wanting to know if you can be helped by the therapist? Are you wanting some quick tips or skills from the therapist? If so, you will benefit from an intake appointment with the therapist and not from a 10-20 minute consultation. Consultations have been encouraged to learn of the therapists style, to see if you click with them, to see if you feel safe with them and welcomed by them, and to see if schedules align. With this in mind, detailed information has been provided throughout the website to help you make your decision.
  • How long are the appointments?
    Initial sessions last 60 minutes and are up to 90 minutes. Follow up sessions for individuals are typically 45-60 minutes. Follow up sessions for families and couples are up to 90 minutes.
  • How many sessions can I have and how often can I be seen?
    The number of sessions varies as everyone's needs and situations are different, as well as insurance requirements. Frequency of appointments are generally weekly to biweekly initially. Appointment frequency decreases as progress is made towards the goal. The idea is to be able to function and manage without treatment and with use of gained knowledge and skills. Progress is dependent upon your commitment to therapy. ​ When it comes to scheduling, it is recommended to schedule your recurring appointments into the future to secure your appointment time. As you make progress, your frequency of appointments will decrease and will free up space for someone else who is need.
  • I think I only want to be seen once a month, is this possible?
    It has been proven over the years that building rapport is most effective in seeing results from therapy. Building this rapport in the beginning is crucial. If not, there could be a delay in positive results, if any results at all. In addition, sometimes, the assessment phase can take up to 3 sessions. Spacing the assessment sessions out can cause difficulty in building rapport also delay and/or impact progress and motivation for treatment. An assessment is required and based on that assessment, recommendations for frequency of treatment will be provided for couples, families, and individuals. Those using insurance to pay for services, will not be able to meet monthly until progress has been established. This is because insurance has certain requirements that must be met. Once progress is maintained, monthly sessions would be recommended and a plan would be created as to when and how services will end. Studies have shown that opting to have monthly therapy sessions (every 3-4 weeks) initially can contribute to slow - no progress, increased frustration, and negative outcome.
  • What if I need to cancel and/or reschedule?
    Please cancel/reschedule as soon as you are aware that it needs to happen. This is helpful for others who are in need of an appointment. At this time, you are allowed to cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before the appointment time without a fee being assessed. (Example: Your appointment is at 2 pm on Saturday. You will have up until 2 pm Friday to cancel/reschedule) ​ If you cancel in under 24 hours prior to your appointment, a late cancellation fee of $75 will be charged to the card on file. If there is availability, you may be able to reschedule within the same week to avoid this fee.
  • What is the length of treatment?
    Couples usually resolve the issues that brought them to therapy within 3-18 sessions and families usually resolve the issue that brought them to therapy within 6 - 14 sessions. The length of treatment depends on different variables, with the main one being your level of motivation for treatment. Most clients begin to see change within 1-3 months and gradually decrease the frequency of sessions until they are able to manage life and the transitions without attending therapy. The level of comittment and preferred frequency play a role in this as well. For those seen 1-2x a month, results may take longer, depending on the need and presenting problem(s). If the presenting problem(s) include mental health diagnoses, treatment can take longer than the typical 3 months as those contributing symptoms did not occur overnight and the root of the issue/problem must be determined and addressed. ​ Couples who are seeking the Prepare/Enrich Relationship Program can learn more here.
  • How much does it cost?
    Initial Assessment Sessions for Individuals up to 90 minutes: $175 Follow up Therapy Sessions for Individuals up to 60 minutes: $125 **up to 90 minutes : $175 ​ Initial Assessment Sessions for Couples/Families up to 90 minutes: $250 Follow up Therapy Sessions for Couples/Families up to 60 minutes: $175 **up to 90 minutes: $200 ​ Missed Appointment/Late Cancellation Fee: $75 An Adjusted Fee Rate is an option, contact us.
  • What are acceptable payment options?
    Current payment options include: Credit/Debit Cash or Money Order Payment Plan Adjusted Fee Option HSA Open Path Collective (sliding fee) --Currently no slots available. Some insurances *** a debit/credit card is required to be kept on file.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes. The following insurances are accepted for individual therapy services: CareSource Molina Anthem BlueCross BlueShield Aetna UnitedHealthcare UMR Optum Insurance verification checks are made prior to confirming appointments. Insurance is not accepted for Couples Therapy, Pre-Marital Therapy, or Family Therapy. Ask about adjusted fees. If out-of-network, you will need to pay the full fee out of pocket.
  • What does insurance require?
    Insurance requires many things that impact your privacy and your freedom of choice. ​ Things to think about when it comes to insurance: Insurance requires specific location for services. Sessions cannot run longer than 53 minutes; additional minutes can result in an extra charge, that insurance may or may not cover. Diagnoses are required for the insurance to cover the services. Having a diagnosis can impact insurance policies, coverage, including life insurance. Insurance says how many times you can be seen. By giving your insurance permission to pay for services, you are giving them permission to review your records. Some insurances do not cover full fee and you will still be responsible for a portion of the fees. Insurance does not cover couples therapy exclusively.
  • Do you offer a sliding fee?
    Sliding Fee is available through Open Path Psychotherapy Collective. When accepting new clients through Open Path, all required paperwork for Open Path must be completed prior to creating a financial agreement with therapist for services.
  • What is an Adjusted Fee?
    Adjusted Fee is an option when a person: ​​cannot afford current market rates for therapy lacks adequate health insurance coverage seeks Couples Therapy or Family Therapy opts out of using insurance and cannot afford current market rates for therapy. Does not qualify for Open Path (see above) ​ If this fits your financial circumstance, please share when requesting and/or during your consultation. More information will be shared regarding the affordable adjusted fee rates to serious inquiries only.
  • What are the benefits in being a Self-Pay client?
    Sessions can run 60 minutes. If more time is needed that can also occur. Couples, Families, Groups, and Individuals can receive therapy services. Diagnoses aren’t needed to receive therapy services. You do not have to be diagnosed but if you are, it will be confidential. The number of times being seen can be according to your need, not insurance. Your information will not be released or accessible by other providers or insurance companies without a signed release.
  • I only want couple/marriage/family therapy. Will my insurance cover this?
    Entering into treatment for couples/marriage/family therapy primarily for an issue non related to your mental health is not covered by insurance because insurance covers services that treat mental health diagnoses that pertain to one person not two or more. With insurance the option would be individual therapy + conjoint sessions with spouse. There are some limitations with using insurance for long-term conjoint sessions because insurance requires identifying one member of the couple as the individual with issues. Once diagnosed and a treatment plan is created, ongoing sessions for the individual without family/spouse is required and conjoint and family sessions as it pertains to the individual’s needs are allowed. Using insurance means one spouse is being treated individually and having conjoint sessions with their partners and family sessions with their children, siblings, parents, and engaged/married partner as it pertains to the individuals needs/mental health. It also means that the treatment plan is based on the goals for the individual, as the couple or family cannot be the focus when using insurance to cover costs. Couples Therapy Couples therapy is offered to self-paying couples only. This is why we offer an affordable Prepare/Enrich Relationship Therapy program for Pre-Marital Couples and we also offer Adjusted Fee Rates for longer term therapy options --Post-Infidelity Couples Therapy and High Conflict Couples Therapy. In couples therapy, the relationship is being treated and not one spouse. Insurance requires an assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for an individual (one spouse). Spouses and other non-related persons can join individual therapy sessions to learn how to better support your mental health and learn skills periodically as it pertains to the individual's mental health. This is considered conjoint therapy or family therapy. Family Therapy Family therapy can be covered by insurance, if requirements are met. - 1 member of the family is identified as the client - The identified client must participate in a psychological diagnostic assessment to determine if there are mental health concerns. -If there are mental health concerns and a diagnosis is appropriate, an individual treatment plan will be initiated and include individual sessions and family sessions/goals for treatment. -The identified client must participate in individual therapy as well.
  • Good Faith Estimate
    Under the law (Section 2799B-6 of the Public Health Service Act and Section 5162.80 of the Ohio Revised Code), health care providers and facilities are required to give patients who don't have insurance or who are not using insurance a "Good Faith Estimate" of expected charges for medical items and services upon request or at the time of scheduling services.​​ ​ You have the right to receive a "Good Faith Estimate" explaining how much your medical care will cost. You have the right to receive a Good Faith Estimate for the total expected cost of any non-emergency items or services. This includes related costs like medical tests, prescription drugs, equipment, and hospital fees. Make sure your health care provider gives you a Good Faith Estimate in writing at least 1 business day before your medical service or item. You can also ask your health care provider, and any other provider you choose, for a Good Faith Estimate before you schedule an item or service. If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill. Make sure to save a copy or picture of your Good Faith Estimate.
  • What is Emergency Couples Therapy?
    Couples seeking stabilization, assistance in determining if they would like to repair and reconcile and determine the future of their relationship after an affair or on-going conflict and/or avoidance benefit from Emergency Couples Therapy. This service provides quality therapy techniques to couples in a short term intensive program that will lead couples to deciding what they want to do next. During each appointment, couples are receiving tools to assist in repairing the foundation of the relationship as well as to navigate the current relationship crisis. Tools/skills/resources are provided with the expectation that they are used in between sessions. Honesty, accountability, and patience are some keys to Emergency Couples Therapy. Couples deciding to commit to continue therapy will work towards building a secure attachment and emotional bond and a solid foundation in their relationship.
  • How many sessions are included?
    Couples have three options. The initial session will be 3-4 hours + one follow up session Three 2 hour sessions Four 1.5 hour sessions If couples would like to continue having therapy, options can be discussed during the last session.
  • Can we attend in-person or virtually?
  • How much does Emergency Couples Therapy cost?
    The total cost for our Emergency Couples Therapy service is $650. This includes an initial consultation, one 3 - 4 hour intensive session, and one follow-up session. There is also the option of having three 2 hour sessions. We understand that emergencies can arise unexpectedly, which is why we offer this service to help couples address urgent issues in their relationship. Please note that payment is due in full at the time of booking. We also offer a variety of payment options to fit your needs. Contact us to learn more.
  • Will my insurance cover Emergency Couples Therapy?
    Insurance does not cover couples therapy.
  • How soon can we have an appointment?
    After you both have completed the consultation form, we will schedule for the next available date that is mutually agreed upon.
  • What is Prepare/Enrich?
    Learn more about Prepare/Enrich here. ​
  • How often will we meet?
    Options include - Weekly OR Biweekly only at this time ​
  • Are there payment plans?
    Payment is due at or by the time of service. Payment plan is optional when purchasing the package. ​
  • Do you offer more sessions after the Prepare-Enrich program if needed?
    Yes, at Savvy Intuition, LLC we understand that every couple is unique and may require additional sessions beyond the Prepare-Enrich program. We offer follow-up sessions to help you continue working on your relationship and address any new challenges that may arise.
  • Are adjustable fee rates applicable to additional sessions?
    Yes, for additional sessions beyond the Prepare-Enrich program, we offer adjustable fee rates based on your financial situation. We believe that everyone should have access to quality therapy services, and we work with our clients to ensure they receive the care they need at a price they can afford.
  • Can we have sessions online and/or in-person?
    Yes. ​
  • Is this a good fit for us?
    Take the quiz! ​
  • Are there any additional fees?
    There are not. The materials needed for the program is included in the intake/initial session. You are not required to have on-going therapy after completing the program. Your therapist may make the recommendation. ​
  • Will insurance cover this?
    No, insurance does not cover couples/marriage therapy specifically. ​



Pre-Marital Counseling

This relationship program prepares unmarried couples for marriage and is known for enriching marriages for years. This program focuses on identifying and addressing potential areas of conflict in relationships before those issues become serious concerns. Couples learn effective strategies and more.


Reconciliation Therapy for Couples & Families 

Bonds are re-established, conflict is decreased, communication becomes more effective, individuals feel heard, decisions are made, relationships are built on stronger foundations, and are healed.


Individual Therapy

Individuals ages 17 and up receive personalized therapy that can include learning how to heal, learning and implementing coping skills, and how to resolve symptoms of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, grief, and relationship trauma.

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