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Couples Counseling/Therapy

"Having the desire to continue in your relationship is a start"

Is your marriage/relationship in jeopardy? Maybe you two cannot seem to get onto the same page. Have you fell out of love, lost trust in your partner, or maybe you feel guilty, have had affairs, struggle with communicating without becoming angry? Does it seem like too many things are left unresolved?

If you are experiencing any of those things and/or questioning your relationship, you can benefit from counseling. Lets uncover the unspoken expectations, communicate effectively, & set the foundation for the relationship going forward.

Couples of Ohio have worked through the common issues that stress relationships/couples. Trust and intimacy has been regained, identity within the relationship is discovered, and confidence in effective communication is developed.

Pre-Marital Counseling

Engaged or Considering Marrying Your Person?

Your relationship has been progressing and you're ready to get married or commit long term. Pre-marital Counseling involves covering the important topics in your relationship. Sessions are typically brief and not covered by insurance due to there not being a medical/mental health diagnosis for Pre-Marital Counseling. With these sessions you will develop better insight into the relationship, uncover those unspoken expectations, address topics that may cause tension down the line, and you will gain the tools needed.

Couples & Marital Counseling

Experiencing Distress in Your Relationship?

Couples seeking to improve communication, interactions, and overall strengthen their relationship. This counseling can include parenting, blended families, and redefining the foundation of the relationship. It is normal for spouses to identify individual and personal behaviors that are impacting the relationship and desire a change. When this occurs, breakout sessions can be had.

Infidelity Recovery

Desiring to Repair Your Relationship?

You've decided to make it work. You desire to move past the affair(s) and/or infidelities. But you both have concerns about moving forward. Know that this is normal and all the emotions you have been experiencing are also normal. We identify the issues, the goal, the needs and strengths, and the plan towards the goal. Breakout session can be had.

Interested in starting therapy? 

Modern Living Room

Are You Ready for Couples Therapy?

  1. Is everyone in agreement to begin therapy?

  2. Will you be able to pay for the services?

  3. Are you committed to your partner and vice versa?

  4. Are you seeking to improve your relationship?


When to Consider Couples Counseling

Frequent arguments

Nothing gets resolved

Communication blockages

Feeling misunderstood and/or alone in the relationship

Lacking intimacy

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