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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Do You Want to Shut Down?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

When you find yourself shutting down…


1. Recognize that something in your mind, body, and/or spirit needs a pause.

2. Realize the emotions that come with this act of shutting down.

If you are experiencing any guilt or shame, why might that be? Let it go.

Remember you need a pause. Are you avoiding any other feelings, people, or things by shutting down? Know that that’s okay too. It’s okay to need a pause, it’s okay to feel these emotions, and it’s okay to feel at ease about shutting down.

Allow yourself to change the rule about what shutting down means. Allow yourself to be okay with shutting down. Can you change the narrative “shutting down” to something like, “ I’m taking care of me. . . I’m putting me first. . . “

Remember what brings you joy. Do something you haven’t in awhile and if that’s rest, if that’s laying around listening to music and relaxing… it is what it is! Who said you can’t do that? What does taking care of yourself look like? What all do you do?

If you are feeling like this is something you struggle with on a regular basis, if you are feeling like “shutting down” and all the emotions that goes with it takes up too much of your time —seek a licensed therapist or counselor. We are here to help you a long the way.

A lot of times we shut down because we are tired, highly annoyed, overwhelmed, feel like saying no and don’t want to care or think about anything! Look at it like this— you need some rest, you need time to process things and you need to use your voice to speak up for yourself about something.


Treat your mind, body, and spirit. Rest. Regain the energy that you need to be present and aware. Taking care of you should not be a guilty pleasure! Dance, run, exercise, chill. Meditate, pray, listen to music, read, laugh. But while doing those things be present in the moment and enjoy the moments.

If you’re doing these different things and still worrying and thinking about the things that you want to get away from, you’re not treating your mind, body, spirit. If you are feeling overwhelmed you need to use or may need some new coping skills!

Try the grounding technique in the photo. I know it may seem so simple that it wouldn’t work😅but it has been known to work.

Grounding & Mindfulness

  1. Save this picture to your device and go to it when you’re feeling panicky, overwhelmed, anxious.

  2. Protect your energy.

  3. Don't allow things that go wrong to identify you or your life.

  4. Don't allow those things to come with you into the next minute, moment, hour, day, month, or year of your life.

Realize. Reframe. Relax. Renew.

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