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Reconciliation Therapy
for Couples & Families

At Savvy Intuition, LLC., we believe in the power of reconciliation. We specialize in helping couples and families navigate through challenging times. Rebuilding trust and improving communication skills in couples and families is our specialty. Our experienced therapists are here to listen, support, and guide you towards healing and strengthening your relationships. We understand that seeking therapy can be daunting, but our mission is to guide and support you through the process of reconciliation. Welcome to our safe and supportive space.

Couples Therapy

Couples of Ohio have worked through the common issues that stress relationships/couples. Trust and intimacy has been regained, identity within the relationship is discovered, and confidence in effective communication is developed.

Have you been experiencing communication issues, relationship issues not limited to lacking intimacy, trust, and affairs? Are you struggling to get over past issues?​ Couples seeking therapy often experience overwhelming emotions, avoidance of emotions, feeling dismissed, feeling inadequate and misunderstood.


There are also times when couples begin to question the relationship when there’s an increase in disagreements, walking away, silent treatments, infidelity, betrayals, and ineffective communication. These concerns in the relationship/marriage lead to issues including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief, as well as infidelity. You want this to work, or you want things to change. Does your spouse desire the same? 


With your commitment, your intentionality, and desire to work through the issues in your relationship, things like communication, your bond, trust and intimacy can be rebuilt. It is possible to continue a relationship after an affair.


Your relationship is yours, don't let statistics, TikToks, and/or society run your relationship.

Quiz for Couples

Are You Ready for Couples Therapy?

  1. Is everyone in agreement to begin therapy?

  2. Has it been hard to have open and honest conversations with your partner?

  3. Have you been experiencing a lot of conflict?

  4. Do you feel disconnected in your relationship?

  5. Has trust been broken?

  6. Are you considering separating?


Emergency couples therapy addresses urgent issues and concerns within a relationship. This type of therapy is typically used when couples are facing significant challenges that require immediate attention, such as infidelity, communication breakdown, or a crisis event.  Emergency couples therapy sessions are structured to be intensive and frequent, with the goal of providing couples with the tools and support they need to address their issues and develop a plan for moving forward. By working with a skilled therapist, couples can explore their concerns and develop strategies for overcoming challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Couples who feel that they need to make a decision on whether they should stay together or not, seek Emergency Couples Therapy.

View the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more


Post Infidelity Couples Therapy is a process that helps couples navigate the aftermath of infidelity in their relationship. This type of therapy can be considered long-term couples therapy and s designed to provide a safe and supportive space for both partners to express their feelings, process their emotions, and work towards healing and rebuilding trust.

The therapist will work with the couple to help them understand the root causes of the infidelity and identify any underlying issues that may have contributed to the situation. They will also help the couple develop effective communication skills, set healthy boundaries, and work towards forgiveness and reconciliation. This option will have homework assignments and other activities designed to support communication, trust, and intimacy between partners.  

The goal of Post Infidelity Couples Therapy is to help couples move beyond the pain and trauma of infidelity and create a stronger, more resilient relationship. With the support of a skilled therapist, couples can work through the challenges of rebuilding their trust and intimacy, and emerge from the experience with a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.


High conflict couples therapy is a specialized form of therapy that can be long-term and helps couples who are experiencing intense and ongoing conflict in their relationship. It is designed to help couples learn how to communicate more effectively, manage their emotions, and resolve conflicts in a healthy and productive way.

This type of therapy typically involves a highly structured approach that focuses on identifying the underlying issues that are causing the conflict, developing strategies for managing emotions, and learning effective communication skills. The therapist may also provide education about the dynamics of high conflict relationships and offer guidance on how to work through difficult issues.

High conflict couples therapy is often recommended for couples who have tried traditional couples therapy without success, as well as for those who are dealing with complex issues such as infidelity, addiction, or mental health problems. While it can be a challenging process, it can also be incredibly rewarding for couples who are committed to working through their issues and building a stronger, healthier relationship.


Traditional couples therapy is a form of therapy that helps couples resolve conflicts and improve their relationship During therapy sessions, couples are encouraged to communicate openly and honestly about their feelings and experiences.

The therapist helps facilitate productive conversations and provides tools and techniques for resolving conflicts in a healthy and constructive way. Traditional couples therapy can be effective for couples who are committed to improving their relationship and are willing to put in the time and effort required to make positive changes.

**Traditional Couples therapy usually begins after the Pre-Marital Counseling, Post-Infidelity Couples Therapy, or High Conflict Couples Therapy. Couples typically are looking for traditional couples therapy when seeking a relationship check up/ check in.

Looking for Pre-Marital Counseling?

At Savvy Intuition, LLC., we understand how important healthy relationships are in building a fulfilling life. Our Pre-Marital Counseling Program offers a customized approach using the Prepare/Enrich Model to help couples build a stronger foundation for a lifetime of love and commitment by exploring strengths and growth areas.


As a Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, Chey-Anne uses this proven approach to provide couples with the tools and resources they need to effectively navigate potential challenges and enrich their relationship. Through open communication and a collaborative approach, couples are prepared for a long-lasting bond that can stand the test of time.

Family Therapy

We understand that family conflict can be tough to deal with on your own. Whether you’re experiencing difficulties adjusting to a life transition, or just need help coping with mental health symptoms that impact the family, we are here to help. Our family therapy approach is designed to help families communicate and collaborate more effectively, so they can overcome obstacles and find peace. Our mission is to help families identify and address the underlying issues that impact their relationships, so they can build healthier and more meaningful connections.

Family bonds and effective communication is important!


We help families navigate through difficult times and provide them with the tools to build stronger relationships. Our approach includes listening to each family member’s unique perspective and bringing them together to create a cohesive plan that works for everyone. We take a holistic approach that takes into account any external factors that may be impacting the family dynamic because we understand that outside factors such as work stress, school, or relationship difficulties can impact family dynamics. 

Our experience has taught us that effective communication and compromise are essential tools in any family dynamic. We work with families to create a healthy environment that promotes positive interactions between family members. We believe that every family is unique, and we take an individualized approach to each case. Our goal is to help families navigate through life’s challenges and create a supportive and loving environment in which they can thrive.

Let's work together and build upon the strengths of your relationships. 

At Savvy Intuition, LLC., we understand how difficult co-parenting can be, especially when communication is strained. We offer co-parenting counseling services that provide parents with a safe and supportive space to talk through their issues and develop strategies for the betterment of their children.


We recognize that co-parenting can be tricky, especially when dealing with the aftermath of a divorce or separation. We provide a supportive and understanding environment for parents with a shared goal of improving their interactions and communication for the benefit of their children.

Our Co-Parenting Counseling sessions offer:

  • a safe place for parents to work through their challenges

  • creative solutions to tough problems

  • help in navigating the rocky terrain of co-parenting

  • help rebuild and strengthen your relationship with your co-parent


We are passionate about helping you build a brighter future for your children. Contact us today to learn how we can help you and your co-parent work together successfully.

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Are You Ready for Family Therapy?

  1. Is everyone in agreement to begin therapy?

  2. Is your family experiencing ongoing conflicts that seem to be getting worse?

  3. Does a member of the family feel unheard and misunderstood?

  4. Is your family going through a major life transition or mental health condition?


Savvy Intuition, LLC offers 10-12 session short-term family therapy services that are designed to help families deal with complex and challenging issues. Our goal is to help families find common ground, identify underlying problems, and work to resolve them in a constructive and collaborative way. We offer individualized therapies that cater to parent-child relationships, adult child and parent relationships, and sibling dynamics. Our therapists are trained to help you and your loved ones overcome any challenges and build a stronger foundation.


We believe that it is important for all parents, regardless of their relationship status, to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship, for the benefit of their children. Our counselors have experience helping families develop successful co-parenting relationships, and we are dedicated to helping you too. Contact us today to learn more about our co-parenting counseling services.

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Looking for Individual Therapy?

At Savvy Intition, LLC., we offer personalized mental health therapy for individuals seeking to navigate life transitions and work through relationship issues. Our experienced therapists work with you to enhance your core beliefs, recover from past traumas, and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Our approach to therapy is holistic, focused on enhancing core beliefs and helping individuals recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. We strive to provide a safe and compassionate environment, where individuals can work through their struggles and find meaning and purpose in their lives.


We are dedicated to helping individuals develop new skills and resources, unearth their true potential, and overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of their happiness.Let us help you improve your mental health and well-being.



Pre-Marital Counseling

This relationship program prepares unmarried couples for marriage and is known for enriching marriages for years. This program focuses on identifying and addressing potential areas of conflict in relationships before those issues become serious concerns. Couples learn effective strategies and more.


Reconciliation Therapy for Couples & Families 

Bonds are re-established, conflict is decreased, communication becomes more effective, individuals feel heard, decisions are made, relationships are built on stronger foundations, and are healed.


Individual Therapy

Individuals ages 17 and up receive personalized therapy that can include learning how to heal, learning and implementing coping skills, and how to resolve symptoms of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, grief, and relationship trauma.

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