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Loving Couple

Couples & Family Counseling 

Offering licensed therapy to couples, families, and individuals experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, communication issues, and relationship issues via tele-health (online/video therapy) to residents of Ohio and in person to Dayton & surrounding areas.


Now offering an affordable Relationship Therapy program, learn more.


With therapy, you can improve your relationships, discover yourself, set boundaries, change the rules, feel better, improve your life, better cope with life anxieties, and more. Therapy needs are unique to the individual, couple, and family.

Couples Counseling

Have you been experiencing communication issues, relationship issues not limited to lacking intimacy, trust, and affairs? Are you struggling to get over past issues?


With your commitment, your intentionality, and desire to work through the issues in your relationship, things like communication, your bond, trust and intimacy can be rebuilt. It is possible to continue a relationship after an affair. Your relationship is yours, don't let statistics, TikToks, and/or society run your relationship.

Savvy Intuition specializes in Couples & Family Therapy. Ready to get started? Use the links below.

Young Couple at Home

When to Consider Couples Counseling

Frequent arguments

Difficulty in feeling vulnerable

Nothing gets resolved

Communication blockages

Feeling misunderstood and/or alone in the relationship

Lacking intimacy

Pre-marital Counseling/Marital Counseling

7 Reasons Why Couples Seek Therapy

Other Services Provided

Savvy Intuition provides mental health therapy to families and individuals too.

Family Therapy

Specializing in the following:

Mother/Daughter Relationships

Adult Child/Parent Relationships


Individual Therapy

Specializing in the following:

Ages 17+ and up


Career or Dating Stress
Relationship Issues

Life after Divorce/Separation/Loss


If you are seeking to refer a patient/client of yours to the practice, please complete the referral form.

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