Couples Counseling/Therapy

"Having the desire to continue in your relationship is a start"

Relationship Counseling

Experiencing Distress in Your Relationship?

Couples seeking to improve communication, interactions, and overall strengthen their relationship. This counseling can include parenting blended families and redefining the foundation of the relationship. It is normal for spouses to identify individual and personal behaviors that are impacting the relationship and desire a change. When this occurs breakout sessions can be had and/or individual therapy sessions will be recommended.

Infidelity Recovery

Desiring to Repair Your Relationship?

You've decided to make it work. You desire to move past the affair(s) and/or infidelities. But you both have concerns about moving forward. Know that this is normal and all the emotions you have been experiencing are also normal. We identify the issues, the goal, the needs and strengths, and the plan towards the goal. Breakout session can be had and/or individual therapy sessions will be recommended. 

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