Family Counseling/Therapy

Families experiencing conflict(s), adjusting to life transitions, and coping with mental health symptoms that impact the family.

Blended Families

Family with two parents and their children from previous marriages and current marriage/relationship. Blended families face challenges not limited to intersectionality, different parenting philosophies, co-parenting with ex-spouses, sibling rivalries, and bonding. Individual sessions can be recommended depending on the need.

Adolescent-Parent Conflicts

Conflict between parent and child are normal and to be expected. It is important to understand that children learn how to interact/respond from their environment and society. For there to be conflict, both parent and child play a role in the unwanted cycle. If the conflict increases in frequency and/or intensity, family therapy can be had. Depending on the age of the child, individual therapy may be appropriate as well.

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